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Welcome to the one and only, EWHR Blog! sounds strange, I know. I’ll figure something out.

Here, our experts (Computer Engineers, Web Hosting Experts, Internet Entrepreneurs and Bloggers) will write on multiple topics regarding to web hosting, servers, websites and the internet in general to help solve your problems and inform you about tons of awesome things that will most likely come in handy on your internet journey. This is out first blog but definately not our last – I’ll try to write a lot of articles in the coming days just so you guys know what this is all about.

Anyways, will I’m here, let me introduce myself.

My name is German, I’m an Website Owner, Internet Entrepreneur,  Founder and CEO of Devumi (A Web Design and SEO Firm), a Computer Engineer and a part time blogger. I started my first website when I was 15 years old, that same website was in the Alexa’s Top 5000 with over 20 million monthly impressions just two years later. With just that one website, I had gone through over a dozen different Web Hosting companies and I kept having issues – whether it was unreliable, didn’t support features I needed, bad performance or just awful customer support. (One reason I created Expert Web Hosting Reviews). I’m also the owner of over three dozen other websites, some are informational websites and others are just really neat – we’re I develop cool new features and implement it on an idea – my next project is actually a website that will read your mind and search whatever you thinking of – beat that Google! Of course, I’m kidding… (runs to the copyright office down the street).  I’m also the founder of a Web Design and Internet Marketing Firm called Devumi andI hold a Masters in Computer Engineering and Business Administration… not bad, right? Overall, I’m a very laid back individual with a lot of internet experience and knowledge on both the Technical Side and Business Side of the industry. As an experienced Web Hosting Customer, I’ve had my share of good and bad experiences with Web Hosts, mostly bad until recently.

My goal is to teach people about Web Hosting and Websites, to inform them on which are the ones to choose and which are the ones to avoid like the plague. But most importantly, to help them have the best experience on the internet and keep them up-to-date on tons of topics and changes in Web Hosting and the Internet in general.

Looking forward to being your Expert,

All the Best,



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